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  • 🧑‍🚒 Snowden Blasts Gensler/SEC for Fake ETF Tweet - Gets Deleted

🧑‍🚒 Snowden Blasts Gensler/SEC for Fake ETF Tweet - Gets Deleted

PLUS - X Removes NFT Support Signaling the End for PFP's

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Good Morning from the Promptbox Team!

Put on your tin foil hats.

We all know that Gary:

  1. Is a piece of shit

  2. Absolutely did not want to approve the ETF today.

But he was stuck, due to mounting scrutiny, threats of lawsuits, visible court losses and so on.

That is until a tweet sent by the SEC’s official X account yesterday, announcing the approved ETF’s turned out to be a ‘hack.’

Initially they tried to pin the hack on X however Elon came out guns blazing and very quickly confirmed that the SEC’s phone number was compromised and they didn’t have 2FA turned on.

So the SEC wants to protect us from ‘crypto scams’ but doesn’t know how to secure an X account. Coolio.

So, where does that leave us.

The deepest part of my soul tells me that he is trying to use this to delay the approval but at the same time I’m sure BlackRock has already let them know that any delay due to their negligence will be met with swift legal action.

Plus, lawsuits from all those wicked into liquidations have already started.

If they do approve today I think the momentum will be diminished giving their people more time to buy at slightly lower prices - which is what all of this has always been about.

It’s January 10th. Let’s get it.



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As of 9:30 am

Bitcoin longs and shorts got wiped out yesterday while alts took their standard 10 - 20% retracement.

Showing how little retail is in the market, most coins are pulling themselves back up - with Richard Heart continuing to pump up HEX.

This is a time to add to your hodl/long-term conviction bags.

Edward Snowden Slams Biden Officials Over Bitcoin Twitter Hack

January 10, 2024


Whistleblower Edward Snowden has publicly criticized Gary Gensler, Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a Biden Administration official, in a series of sharp tweets following a significant security breach.

This incident involved the SEC's official X (formerly Twitter) account, leading to the spread of false information about Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Key Facts:

  • SEC's Twitter Hack: The official SEC X account, @SECGov, was hacked, falsely announcing the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, a message viewed over 2.7 million times.

  • Misinformation Spread: The erroneous tweet quickly spread across financial X platforms, causing widespread confusion.

  • Gensler's Response: Gary Gensler confirmed the SEC's Twitter compromise, stating no ETFs were approved, attracting over 7.5 million views.

  • Snowden's Criticism: Edward Snowden's harsh tweets, including "jesus christ gary get your s*** together" and a retweet mocking the SEC, sparked debate about the reliability of online information from government sources.

  • Official Statements: Bloomberg's Ally Versprille shared updates from an SEC spokesperson regarding the hack and the steps being taken to address the unauthorized access and related misconduct.

The recent 'hack' of the SEC's account, especially given its timing just before the Bitcoin ETF approval decision, raises eyebrows not only about the agency's competence but also about its intentions.

It's deeply concerning and frankly, quite suspect, that an institution tasked with protecting investors from fraud couldn't even secure its own X account with basic safeguards like two-factor authentication.

The fact that the 'hacker' merely needed access to a telephone number linked to the account speaks volumes about the SEC's lax security measures.

This blunder not only casts a shadow over the SEC's credibility but also conveniently coincided with a market upheaval that liquidated billions of dollars in the crypto markets.

One can't help but question whether this was an astonishing oversight or a calculated move on the SEC's part, given the convenient timing and the significant financial repercussions.

Take a look at the full story below.

My Take

Inside job. FGG.

Top Web3 and Crypto Stories of the Day

X Removes Support for NFT Profile Pictures. Is This the End?

On Tuesday the company silently removed a feature for paid subscribers. They’re no longer able to set an NFT as a profile picture.


What Am I Buying?

Not Financial Advice

Adding to my long-term hodl bags such as SEI, ETH, SOL, INJ, TIA and IMX.
If it has a 10 - 20% discount I’m adding.

What am I selling? Nothing

Reader Request: GSWIFT

$GSWIFT is an omnitoken that can seamlessly be transferred between blockchains supported by LayerZero technology. Experience the true power of LayerZero as you effortlessly move $GSWIFT across multiple blockchains. With its game-changing range of utilities, $GSWIFT is setting new standards for Web3 gaming tokens.

  1. Community and Ecosystem Funds (44% total): Locked under governance for long-term ecosystem development.

  2. Airdrop (4%): Half available at Token Generation Event (TGE), rest distributed over 5 months to attract and retain users.

  3. Foundation (14%): No tokens at TGE, 12-month cliff followed by 36-month linear release, indicating a commitment to the project's longevity.

  4. Seed and Private Rounds (19.57% total): Allocations locked at TGE (12 months for seed, 6 months for private), then gradually released (18 months for seed, 14 months for private), ensuring early investor commitment.

  5. Public Sales (1.45% total): Different portions available at TGE with respective vesting schedules, balancing public access and market stability.

  6. Operational (8.5%): Gradual 24-month release for sustained operational funding.

  7. Liquidity (8.48%): Available on demand, aimed at ensuring market tradability of the token.

Overall, GSwift's tokenomics is a decent blend of short-term incentives and long-term commitments, aimed at stabilizing the token market and supporting ecosystem growth.

Chart (1D)

Solid chart, bullish since late November.

RSI looks like it’s priming for another leg up.
On the 4 hour it’s looking over bought so I’d expect a better long-term entry soon.

Here’s a good example of the money lines and how they work. If we bought when the buy signal flipped we’d be at 5x profit. Don’t fade money lines.

If you want me to drop a chart in an upcoming issue send me an email at [email protected] 

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