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🪄 Harry Potter Narrator Gets His Voice Stolen and What is Sacred?

PLUS: Mark Cuban Gets Phished for $900k

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Good Morning from the Promptbox Team

Mark Cuban jumped back into crypto this week by downloading a new MetaMask app to his phone. Unfortunately, it was fake and hackers immediately drained $900k in various cryptos from his wallet.

Luckily, on-chain sleuths were watching it happen in real-time and alerted him - saving him from an additional $2 million in losses. As a reminder, don’t drink and download.

Plus, AI is set to launch an attack with COVID-like disruptions … so there’s that.

Hey, it’s Monday. Let’s get it.

Sept 18, 2023

At a recent event, Stephen Fry, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, voiced his concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence technology.

AI Mimicry: A Cause for Alarm 
At the CogX Festival in London, Fry vividly recounted his personal encounter with AI's proficiency in voice mimicry.

A new software had used Fry's voice, well-known from his narration of the Harry Potter audiobooks in the UK, to narrate a historical documentary - all without his consent or even knowledge.

"I said not one word of that—it was a machine. Yes, it shocked me, he revealed, adding that the words were manipulated to suit the narrative, showcasing the AI's ability to adapt content flexibly.

Stephen Fry

An Unchecked Technology? 
The gravity of this incident is not to be understated, as Fry emphasized that this technology could potentially be exploited to make him voice anything, from politically charged calls to action to explicit content, all without his permission.

"What we have now is not what will be. When it comes to AI models, what we have now will advance at a faster rate than any technology we have ever seen. One thing we can all agree on: it’s a f**ing weird time to be alive,”* Fry remarked candidly, encapsulating the mix of awe and fear that the current trajectory of AI advancements evokes.

Stephen Fry

Deepfake Videos: The Next Frontier 
Fry forewarned that the industry is on the cusp of witnessing the emergence of convincingly real deepfake videos, taking the potential misuse of technology a step further.

This alert comes at a critical time, aligning with the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, where the industry is grappling with the implications of unchecked AI growth and its potential repercussions on actors and creators.

The Question

In light of Stephen Fry's recent experience with AI-generated voice mimicry, do you believe we are stepping into a future where technology could potentially override personal consent and intellectual property rights?

Send us an email and let us know. We’ll be posting the results and the best responses next week.

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