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  • 五 Fake Crypto HyperVerse CEO Says Sorry and BlackRock Nears $500M Volume

五 Fake Crypto HyperVerse CEO Says Sorry and BlackRock Nears $500M Volume

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Good Morning from the Promptbox Team!

As we all expected the SEC relented and approved the BTC Spot ETF and as I thought Bitcoin . hasnt made those 20%+ gains.

This is for two main reasons:

  1. It was priced in

  2. Were already on to the next narrative which is the ETH ETF

So whats the play? ETH Beta Plays

The market is forward looking so you wont see ETH go up and then ETH-based alts.

The better projects will start to run starting today.
Then the specific narratives, i.e. gaming

Then the SOL ecosystem will run and so on.

If you dont have bags in ETH dont start chasing - start loading for the next one.

You have one cycle left (about 500 days) to become disgustingly wealthy, then tradfi steals it all.

Its January 11th. Lets get it.



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  • BIG STORY: BlackRock Nears Half Billion in Volume

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  • What Am I Buying/Selling?

  • Reader Request: AIT Protocol


Throw a dart and make those gains.

What were seeing are two major waves.

1. The ETH beta coins pumping and then 2. flowing into L1s preparing for the next narratives.

The expectation is that we arent going to get that massive life-altering alt season but well have a pump to set yourself up in a position to take profits, buy the next mega correction (over 30% BTC / 50% Alts) and then ride that into the bull run.

Fake HyperVerse CEO Says Sorry, Claims it Was All an Act

January 11, 2024

When I read that in the papers, I was like, blooming heck, they make me sound so highly educated. I never went online and checked about Steven Reece Lewis. I looked on YouTube occasionally, way back when they put the presentations up, but apart from that I was detached from this role.


Steven Harrison, a British actor and freelance TV presenter, has expressed deep remorse over his unwitting role in the HyperVerse crypto scam, claiming he was unaware of the scheme's fraudulent nature. Harrison, who played the part of the fictional HyperVerse CEO for a mere $5,000 and a new suit, has opened up about his experience in an eye-opening interview with The Guardian.

Key Facts:

  • Unwitting Participant: Harrison was hired to front the $1.3 billion HyperVerse crypto scam, believing it to be a legitimate job.

  • Suspicion and Reassurance: Despite initial suspicions about the companys crypto link, Harrison was reassured by his agent at Mass Focus Ltd. that HyperVerse was legitimate.

  • Role as CEO: Harrison portrayed the fictional CEO Steven Reece Lewis in the scheme's launch, later realizing the fabricated nature of his character's credentials.

  • Payment and Compensation: For his nine-month involvement, Harrison received 180,000 Thai baht (about $5,130), a cashmere business suit, and other clothing items.

  • Scheme Details: HyperVerse, part of the Hyper brand by HyperTech, was exposed as a pyramid scheme, resulting in a loss of $1.3 billion in investor funds.

  • Harrison's Regret: The actor expressed his sorrow for the investors' losses and hoped for a resolution, clarifying that he did not pocket any investor funds.

Steven Harrison's revelation as an actor unknowingly embroiled in the HyperVerse scam sheds light on the deceptive depths of fraudulent crypto schemes.

His regret and the minimal compensation he received contrast starkly with the massive losses suffered by investors.

This story not only highlights the importance of due diligence in the crypto world but also serves as a cautionary tale about the sophisticated fa癟ade that scams can present, often involving unsuspecting individuals as pawns in their deceptive games.

Take a look at the full story below.

My Take

Only in crypto can a fake CEO not know that hes a fake CEO in a billion dollar ponzi.

Top Web3 and Crypto Stories of the Day

BlackRock Nears Half a Billion in Volumes

BlackRock is already close to half a billion dollars in volumes on their bitcoin spot ETF (IBIT) just a few minutes after trading opened.


What Am I Buying?

Not Financial Advice

What am I buying?

Going to wait for a pull back - dont fomo.

What am I selling? Nothing

Ive been lazy and havent been updating my sell targets so I have to get going on that.

Were probably about 2 months out before I start taking 80% off the table.

Ill be providing the excel doc so you can follow along at home.

Reader Request: AIT Protocol (AIT)

The AIT Protocol stands as the inaugural Web3 data infrastructure dedicated to data annotations and the training of AI models. This initiative is driven by the growing need for high-quality structured data in the development of AI applications.

>contract: 0x89d584a1edb3a70b3b07963f9a3ea5399e38b136


Less than 10% of a circulating supply isnt good however with a current $13m mcap its a low cap degen play that can absorb a couple of unlocks and not drastically decrease your gains.

Chart (4H)

Money Line showing bearish momentum, with a rising RSI.

I wouldnt be buying at this point but looks like it wants to get back to the .5 and range before a leg up to .19 - .22.

Ill keep an eye on it.

If you want me to drop a chart in an upcoming issue send me an email at [email protected]

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